Translation management
has never been so easy

New generation management system for translators and translation companies. Unlike conventional management systems, it is a compatible platform that protects you wit its body of service rules. System is constantly developing and you can use only the features you want for your needs.
Translation Management<Br/>Has Never Been So Easy


Professional Management

Professional Management

Reliable Platform

Reliable Platform

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

Why Do You Need<Br/>Translation Management?

Why Do You Need
Translation Management?

As EN ISO 17100 takes an important role in the translation industry, project management has become one of the most important step of institutionalization in translation. In accordance with this standard, you can manage every stage from receiving translation to delivery and customer satisfaction through our system which is in accordance with this standard and offering appropriate costs. There are also some benefits like;

  • spending less time following up the works.
  • accessing your data from anywhere at any time.
  • minimizing your physical office needs.

Trusted Marketplace
And Process Quality Infrastructure

It is our priority to ensure that the users of the platform are real people and to create quality awareness with The Service Quality Guide. With the awareness of quality, you can;

  • choose the right people who work with.
  • get safer relations in business network.
  • offer quality assurance process as standard.
Trusted Marketplace<Br />And Process Quality Infrastructure
Instant Pre-Accounting And Reporting

Instant Pre-Accounting And Reporting

You can monitor your debts and receivables with the instant pre-accounting linked to the projects and marketplace, and have the opportunity to keep track of your entire account without needing to make a record of it somewhere else. In your operational process;

  • visually monitor your works with various reports,
  • plan your payments by following the schedule,
  • create bill of account faster for your customers.




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